Thursday, May 16, 2013

And so it begins...

Hello to you all and welcome.  I'm glad that you took the time to visit and/or just happened to stumble upon this blog by accident while looking up celebrity gossip or kitten videos.  This is a blog that will be specifically geared towards my artwork, both random and intentional.  My other blog, BOREDmeetings, mainly included my art but was created in an effort to complain about my job on a grander scale and offer people in similar circumstances ideas on how to pass the time and make sitting at their home of employment slightly more enjoyable, or at least tolerable (please check it out for some of my past work though if you don't want to wait until I re-post it on this blog).  THIS site, however, will just contain my work and perhaps only the occasional rant (I enjoy ranting). 

So please, come on in.  Whether you just need something to do during the commercial, get away from your noisy kids (c'mon, you know they're noisy.  Mine are.), pretending like you're keeping busy in the office, or are actually curious about the stuff I make... enjoy.  And if you don't enjoy, feel free to leave a comment telling me so.  Getting a nasty comment is always more welcome than getting a bill.

To kick things off, here's a picture I drew during lunch today using a piece of scratch note paper and some Crayola 'Metallic Magic' crayons my mom gave me for Christmas.  Oh, and a Sharpie marker.  I guess it's a gopher.  A greedy gopher.  Or maybe just a beaver in a hole.  Whatever.

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