Monday, July 7, 2014

Why I don't take baths

Here's a little piece I did for fun in my sketchbook.  This was one of those amazing times where I was able to create almost exactly what was in my mind.  I pictured this giant Lucha Libre type gorilla cyborg thing exploding out of something and I had been reading some of my Hellboy comics lately (I love Mike Mignola's art).  I made a quick judgement call to make him exploding out of a bathtub to add to the oddness of the image and put some kid in front to really show the scale of this thing.  My son suggested I name it Gordon because "Gordon seems like a good name for a gorilla doesn't it?"  Yes.  Yes it does.  I might add a background in Photoshop later but for now I'm quite pleased.

He's just pissed 'cause he got soap in his eyes.

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